Football: Another battle royale for Liverpool, Manchester City

The Reds have the advantage of regaining the championship of the season based on previous indications

On Friday, Pep Guardiola said he would rather repeat the domestic clean sweep last season than imitate Liverpool by winning the Champions League. Yesterday, his Manchester City side ticked off the first leg of another possible quadruple but, unexpectedly, Liverpool did it for them.

They got it through penalties. Ilkay Gundogan, Bernardo Silva, Phil Foden, Oleksandr Zinchenko and Gabriel Jesus all remained calm in the fight. While the impressive Claudio Bravo’s proved to Gini Wijnaldum that he was not that easy to defeat, and Jurgen Klopp maintained his ability to defeat Guardiola, The City remained protected

This is a very serious fight. If City were stronger at first, Liverpool would rally around a provocative second-half display. They ended the fight even harder to prove that their breakthrough was done this pre-season.

They fired back at the City. Liverpool has shown their set-piece menace even before, after a free-kick, Virgil van Dijk provided a spectacular deft lobbed cross and headed it center-back Joel Matip. Egyptian is unstoppable, it’s hard to see a player with just 45 minutes of pre-season football and just yesterday. He had a string of shot, which provided the goal.

At the time of injury, he drove an incredible goal-line to Kyle Walker. He had already hit the post, following a solid drag-back. Seconds before that, van Dijk met Trent Alexander-Arnold’s corner with a volley that hit the underside of the bar and goal line. More than half the ball crossed the line, but not the whole piece.
If van Dijk is good at his strong attacks, Liverpool has a solid defense. the Anfield old boy Raheem Sterling continues to destroy Liverpool’s backfield while hitting the post when offside and delaying too long and losing his chance given by Walker running the goal.

He was a left-winger then and was moving wider when Jesus came. Sterling spent only 12 minutes as City’s striker, but this gave him the chance to score against Liverpool for the first time. It was a nice goal from him, David Silva brought Kevin de Bruyne’s to Sterling’s path after a great free-kick and Alisson couldn’t hold back the Englishman’s shot.

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