The Cleveland Indians’ Yasiel Puig has become an American citizen.

The next Indian star Yasiel Puig is fully American citizen and ready to compete in the America’s pastime.

Puig, the wildly athletic, strong, electrifying and sometimes controversial outfielder, tweeted Wednesday that he is officially a USA citizen.

The Cuban native, who sometimes risked his lives to escape the communist regime. tweeted a picture of himself dyed red hair and holding a small American flag.

“Thank God for the great opportunity to be an American citizen,” he wrote in a tweet.

Puig’s journey from Cuba to playing Major League Baseball in the United States is a detailed article by Los Angeles Magazine in 2014.

The story illustrates Puig’s many attempts to move to Mexico from Cuba, which happened only on the dangerous route with the help of a violent Mexican gang that finally smuggled him into the country. Puig reports that he hired a handler to help him get a home in Mexico City, which then helped him reach his seven-year, $ 42 million deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2012. He stepped on the scene the following year. season, and was given the nickname. “Wild Horse” for his energetic, all-out style of play and finishing second in the National League Rookie of the Year voting.

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