The MLB super-agent talk after ‘Kris Bryaant slipped into the Chicago Cubs’ base; he hurt his ankle.

Baseball super-agent Scott Boras was angry in Major League Baseball on Monday after the game in Chicago Cubs. Injured his client Kris Bryant, suffered ankle injuries Sunday after slipping into first base and trying to beat the throw.

Boras questioned what the league has done to ensure player safety. He once again taunted another of his clients, Bryce Harper, as an example when his injury against the Washington Nationals injured his knee slipping into a base in August 2017.

“What have they done since Harper? The answer is nothing,” Boras told the Chicago Sun-Times. “They’re focused on other factors, economic factors, all things relating to how they can administer the game, and yet the safety of players and resolution of this issue has gone without any attention.”

Boras added: “The integrity of our game is going to [be] damaged when the safety of players is not at the forefront, and Major League Baseball has dropped the ball on the wet bag subject.”

An MLB spokesperson told the newspaper that officials had discussed the slick bases and the potential dangers to the players, but a solution had not been worked out.

The injury Bryant sustained was in the worst possible situation for the Cubs.

Chicago is four games out of second place in the National League wildcard despite a +111 run. The Cubs are 9-12 in September and have lost in 6 games.

The team has a three-game series against the Pittsburgh Pirates starting Tuesday and a three-game series against the St. Louis Cardinals starting Friday to end the season. The Cardinals have clinched the playoff berth and are currently leading the National League Central division.

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