Zach LaVine scored 49 points and hit a game-winning shot for the Bulls.

Zach LaVine revived his team after the Miami Heat beat them 116-108 at home on their last  game. against the Charlotte Hornets LaVine made 49 points with 17-for-28 on the field and was impressive 13-for-17 in the second-most in NBA history. Only Klay Thompson (14) and Steph Curry (13) made it to the single game.


An impressive return for the Bulls team after beating Charlotte Hornets, with a five-point advantage with 10 seconds left in the clock before Tomas Satoronsky blasted a three-pointer with 7.1 seconds left. In the last play, LaVine got the ball after Coby White forced a turnover from Devonte Graham, and LaVine hit a three and went in that became a winning shot for the Bulls.

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