Valencia vs. Real Madrid La Liga preview, prediction, and picks

Valencia vs. Real Madrid
Date: Sunday, December 15, 2019 EST
Time: 3:00 PM EST
Venue: Mestalla Stadium
Over 3 in BetOnline

Real Madrid and Valencia will face a fierce battle between the two teams. Valencia had a good 2-4 win over Levantes yesterday, while Real Madrid had a 2-0 win over Spanish. The only difference between these two teams is that Valencia is coming off a tough match against Ajax, which means they are exhausted, while Real Madrid is not that depleted to Brugge. So Real Madrid may have figured out their only problem was player injuries like Marcelo and Mendy’s back up with a suspension. So they could have a problem with their backline, maybe Militao is the LB. The goal is a bit difficult to predict because both teams are good at attacking. Valencia has a good score in their last 12 matches, and half of those matches have 12+ goals made. Real Madrid has also scored 2+ goals in their previous six games. In my conclusion, it is best to bet on the over / under for this match. Head to head in the last sixteen games, 14 games have a +3, and only two are under the same two goals, so it is best to bet over this game.

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