Miami Heat Chris Silva felt his Christmas special

Miami Heat forward Chris Silva received his most memorable gift two days before Christmas.

The Heat surprised Silva by joining her mother whom she hadn’t seen in years. They were in tears on the court Friday morning before the team faced off against the Indiana Pacers.

The 23-year-old rookie left his home country in Gabon in 2012 with the dream of fulfilling to play in the NBA.

The Heat, as well as the NBA and NBA Africa teamed up this holiday season to surprise Silva, who saw his mother, Carine Minkoue Obame, just hours before Friday’s game.

“I’m shook,” he said, adding that he couldn’t believe it was his first. “I thought I was seeing a ghost, but, like, after I realized that he was I couldn’t stop myself. I was emotional.”

While Silva did not play, Obame stayed to watch the Heat beat the Pacers 113-112.

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